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The evolution of qTest eXplorer (former known as qTrace)

After 3+ years since the first time the product was rolled out, qTrace has changed its name to qTest eXplorer.

Not only the name changed, the architecture, the look and feel, as well a bunch of new features have also been changed/added along the way:

  • Upgraded to .NET Framework to 4.6
  • Replaced Caliburn 2 with Caliburn.Micro which is lightweight and… fast
  • For the UI, we employed awesome MahApp.Metro UI toolkit
  • Deeper integration with qTest Platform: create/submit test cases as well (real time) upload recording session to qTest that can be reviewed/edited/playback later from qTest. User can also be able to submit defect to JIRA using an alternative Native form which they are very familiar with
  • Beside desktop, there are also other editions: Web and Mobile eXplorer that might fit into the need to capture recording session on Web browsers: Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome (Windows, Mac) and on Mobile devices (iOS, Android)

If you’re looking for an exploratory testing tool, give qTest eXplorer a shot.

qTest eXplorer

qTest eXplorer