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Entity Framework POCO, Repository and Specification Pattern [Upgraded to EF 5]

[Updated on Nov 18 2012]: The source code now moved to github @ Let start making pull requests yourself 🙂

I am happy to announce that the framework has been upgraded to target .NET 4.5, Entity Framework 5 and Visual Studio 2012. This post is also a response to someone asking me when should the framework being upgraded to Entity Framework 5.

Some notes regarding this upgrade:

– The source code is now restructured to two versions: one for .Net Framework 4.0, the other one for .Net Framework 4.5. You can access to the source code at However, the download page only shows specific versions for you to choose which version that best fits your need.

– Removed repository implementation against ObjectContext, this means the repository is now interfacing mainly with DbContext (not a Lab version anymore). So, if you prefer to work with DbContext, you can get the framework up and running quickly. On the other hand, if you want to work with ObjectContext, this is also easy by upgrading/migrating code from .NET 4.0 version.

That’s it! Not much changes from this upgrade, but that’s a good sign to me since EF 5 does not break some low level code.

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