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People Are Not Resources

I came across this article this morning which mentioned about the word “resources” that software managers often speak out to mean “people”. I used to work with these kind of managers, both directly and indirectly, and I can say that they always use this “vocabulary” when talking about ones they need for project that I myself felt _uncomfortable_ with that.

My point of view is that we are working on software industry and we are (high) skilled so we need to be (well-)respected, not as machines or things in other industries to be called “resources”. Well, managers can say that it is the common word used in management to mention “people” just as Singleton in Design Pattern, but I still feel uncomfortable with that. Is the word “people” too expensive for them to buy?

As well the term “resource utilization” that is used and practiced rigidly in those daily working really killed the inspiration/loyalty of mine while working with those managers. I don’t mean that we, the workers, against that utilization because we need job and they need us to get the job done. But should they use the word “people utilization” in place of “resource utilization”? No? The solution for this is may be speaking these words in the meeting room where there are only them, managers, or they annoy their supposed-to-be low level citizen like me.

Its so sad that those managers I mentioned above wont ever be aware of this because I believe they dont have a reading/learning habit and they tend to think that they dont need to improve their management skill. They are always so confident to say: I need resources, give me some then I will utilize them effectively! Read the rest of this entry

[Bookmark] First and Second Level caching in NHibernate

Found a very good post about “NHibernate first and second level cache”. I myself find the helpful explanation about the different between Session.Get(id) and Session.Load(id)  because I must admit that I was not aware of this until I read this post 🙂

Read it through at:

NoSQL with MongoDB, NoRM and ASP.NET MVC

Thought I should keep watching this new trend: Document Databases. Just found a good introduction series about MongoDB, NoRM and ASP.NET MVC:

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

A .NET Developer Guide to: MongoDB and NoRM

Document databases seems to be a new trend compared to relational database which has been employed years ago. So beside a previous post/bookmark about document database, there is another one mentioning about this, read more on it at “A .NET Developer Guide to: MongoDB and NoRM

Document Databases

This post from Ayende is about Document Databases (DocDBs). The post give an introduction/explanation on what document database is, how it stores data using key/value, how the data “relates” to other compared to how a table relates to another in RDBMS. How to persist/retrieve data from document database. Some variants as CouchdB, MongoDB and Raven are also mentioned in the post.

Read the post at: