qSnap: A Cross-browser Snapshot Tool

Our team has just released qSnap, a free product of QASymphony to capture webpage screenshots running as a browser extension on Chrome, Opera and Safari, an add-on on Firefox or a plugin on Internet Explorer.


Here are some features of qSnap:

  • Capture multiple webpage screenshots within a single browser session, either it is a portion or the whole web page
  • Annotate multiple screenshots using qSnap editor
  • Import or drag-drop files from your computer to qSnap editor to annotate
  • Save all captured/annotated screenshots to local files
  • Upload screenshots to our free images hosting service
  • Share links of screenshots to your friends or to social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter
  • Browser support: Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest), Safari (5.1 on Windows, 6.x on Mac OS), Internet Explorer 7+, Opera 18+
  • Platform support: Linux, Mac OS, Windows

To be able to share links to your screenshots, you must first register an account with our free hosting service at https://qsnapnet.com/. After registered successfully, you can start to capture any web page screenshot, annotate then upload it to your account. Each uploaded screenshot has an Url that you can share with your friends or to social networks. You can also manage the captured screenshots  by logging into https://qsnapnet.com.

Here is a full page screenshot of my blog captured by qSnap using full page capture mode: https://qsnapnet.com/snaps/wvpm25q57q77gb9

To download and install qSnap to your desired browser, go to: https://qsnapnet.com/#download

Happy snapping and don’t forget to share your comment about qSnap!

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