“Tell the whole story, share a trace”

It’s the statement in the video introducing the product we have been building and just released recently, qTrace.

After many years working on outsourcing projects, I am very excited to be involved in building a product which I myself can be proud of. Now I can talk to my mom: “Look, mom, that’s the one we build. It’s qTrace” 🙂

For those who interest in the technology stack we use to build qTrace:

– .NET Framework 4

– WPF and Caliburn Framework which applies Model-View-ViewModel design pattern.

Castle Windsor for dependency injection

– Plug-able bug tracker integration with Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)

–  OpenXML SDK to generate defect report to MS Word format

Pdf Sharp and MigraDoc to generate defect report to Pdf format

WCF for communicating with activation server for licensing matters

Visit www.qasymphony.com for more details on the product.

Enjoy tracing!

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  1. How’s about your dad? 😉

  2. Hi there,

    do u have any good link to learn writing good coding on c# web page?

    i work in this field for few years. i have read a lot of book to improve better coding but i don’t think my code is very good.

    i wish to learn and explore more.

    please send to me some great link or example or some great stuffs to improve my dot net skills

    i am looking forward to read your response



    • Pham,

      As a programmers, we learn from many resources. It could be from reading books, following blogs, joining social network like Twitter then following people who have same interest in programming or technologies.

      We also learn from our daily programming work, gain experiences when resolving programming problems, learn from reading other code or frameworks,…

      Either way, I think a good programmer need to know some fundamental coding techniques first, like OOP, Design Patterns, SOLID principles, etc. then learn to apply good coding/designing practices; then gain deep knowledge of the technologies he is working on, e.g. .NET, Java. Here are some resources that would be a good start:

      – Object Oriented Design and Principles: http://www.objectmentor.com/omSolutions/oops_what.html
      – Good resource for learning design patterns: http://www.dofactory.com/Patterns/Patterns.aspx/

      Other resources that you are interested in. e.g. .NET, Java, Mobile programming, etc. are easy to reach by… googling.

      Good luck.

  3. Great work – Like it 🙂

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